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Whether you are ready to retire now or looking to commence the transition

into retirement, there are steps to take to start planning today.

Retirement is about so much more than money. Careful consideration needs to

be given to things like how you would like to spend your time, travel plans,

family considerations. All these play a part in devising the right path to

retirement. Retirement ideas are unique to everyone, therefore living your ideal

lifestyle involves careful planning.

Your retirement age is whenever you decide to stop working or have to cease

work due to other circumstances, such as sickness or injury. You may need to

meet certain criteria to be eligible to access your super or gain government

age pension.


NSW Defined Benefit scheme 

A defined benefit is a fund where an employee acquires a lump sum, specified

pension payment or combination of the two on terminating employment and

entering retirement. The payment is formulated based on a number of factors

that may include:


- Your earning history

- Contributors to the fund 

- Length of service.

There are several aspects that could affect your final Payment. 

These include: 

- Your adjusted final fund salary (AFFS) 

- The date you joined the scheme 

- The amount you have paid
- Your current multiple

Retirement - Centrelink Management 

A well-funded retirement is often a combination of a variety of income sources.

These may be from superannuation income streams and investment earnings

through to government funded Centrelink Age Pension.

Understanding the rules and how different assets and income sources are

assessed to maximise any Centrelink entitlement can be difficult. Berenice is

highly skilled in this area and can guide you through to ensure you receive

pension where possible to assist your retirement funds to last as long as you

wish them to.

Berenice is multi lingual – speaking fluent Centrelink and superannuation as

these can often seem like different languages!



Your Advisor 

Berenice has extensive experience having worked in the Financial Services industry for over 30 years in a variety of roles. In 1996, after many years in retail banking, she became a Financial Planner with ANZ in the Lake Macquarie region before spending almost 20 years at State Super Financial Services and Pinnacle Advice in Ballina.


Berenice has strong technical and practical experience and is passionate about providing specialist retirement planning advice.


Berenice is an expert in Retirement Planning, Superannuation and Pension Income Streams, Social Security Strategies, Managed Investments, NSW State Public Sector Defined Benefit Schemes, Redundancy and Estate Planning.


Dip FP, JP. 


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Education & Qualifications 

Diploma of Financial Planning – Deakin University


Justice of the Peace – Reg No: 143494

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Contact us today to see how we can help you with your retirement planning. 



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